I am a Software Engineer

I like finding the best solution possible for any given situation. I am intrigued by complex problems and don’t give up until I solve them. I believe in test driven development and lack confidence in any solution that cannot be verified and validated to show it works and that it solves the problem it was intended to. I follow the mantra’s convention over configuration and separation of concerns.

I am an Entrepreneur

I am amazed by all the people who are living lives they don’t want and do nothing about it. I refuse to be that type of person. I am going to start my own business doing something I love. As Stephen Covey says, “the best way to predict your future is to make it happen.”

I love Psychology

I am intrigued by the inner working of the human mind; especially the topics of behaviors and habits. I am always trying to understand myself better and use that knowledge to improve myself.

I am a Strength Trainer

I have been lifting weights for 5 years +. I know enough that I could probably become a physical trainer. I am a firm believer in doing full body exercises; not isolations. I train for strength, not appearance. I consistently go to the gym. Being a strength trainer builds character in a person that is evident in all other aspects of life.